viernes, 28 de junio de 2019

Viene La Guaracha Tropical - Mixtape

First Rumors from the Guaracha Tropical. Here comes a Mixtape released on KUMBALE ft. Paco Mendoza, Don Caramelo, Malo Malone, Banana Sound Cartel, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Lisandro Mesa, Climaco Sarmiento, Afrika Bambataa, Tupac, Deela, Roland Clark…

1. Escuchala - Andrés Digital ft. Paco Mendoza, Don Caramelo, El Malo Malone (Tropical
2. Candela (Andrés Digital Remix) - Banana Sound Cartel (Crema Remixed)
3 . Cumbiastar 69 - Andrés Digital ft. Roland Clark (Mata los Diabolos)
4. Rastas en el Espacio - Andrés Digital (Guaracha Tropical)
5. Ready - Andrés Digital (Guaracha Tropical)
6 . Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia - Andrés Digital (Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia)
7 . Rebelar - Paco Mendoza : Deela : Andrés Digital (Guaracha Tropical)
8 . Lamento (Get up and Dance).- Banana Sound Carte : Afrika Bambataa : Tupac :
Andrés Digital (Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia)
9. Minded Gipsy(Andres Digital Remix) - Fanfare Ciocarlia (Guaracha Tropical)
10. La Cigarra (Andres Digital Remix) - Climaco Sarmiento (Mata los Diabolos)
11. Guaracha Tropical - Andrés Digital (Guaracha Tropical)
12. El Amor(Andrés Digital Remix) - Lisandro Mesa (Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia)

lunes, 8 de abril de 2019

Andrés Digital - Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia

New 3 Track Mash Up EP released on Latino Resiste.  
Read the full Release Post here.
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01. Lamento (Get Up and Dance)
Banana Sound Cartel : Afrika Bambaataa : Tupac : Andrés Digital
02. Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia
Andrés Digital
03. El Amor (Andrés Digital Remix)
Lisandro Mesa

Download mp3 - Latino Resiste - Bandcamp - Soundcloud

Banana Sound Cartel - Crema Remixed

The “Banana Sound Cartel” is a worldwide artist collective known for mixing Colombian Cumbia, Afrotropical Styles and Electronic Music. Formerly known as “Los Transatlanticos” they Lost Bags on their travel between Bogota – Berlin. Now the electropical melting pot is back in Europe with a new name and a first teaser of the forthcoming studio album Crema. The Album Crema Remixed comes with 6 Remixes by Yukicito, Sonido Berzerk, Nixtamal, Dead Stare, Panther Panther and Andrés Digital.
Streaming - Soundcloud - Spotify - Deezer - YT
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Find a long Interview with BSC Mastermind Pablo Gaviria on