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Cumbia mi Amor Mixtape

Here comes a brandnew Mixtape presenting the Reggae-Cumbia Style, Cumbia Rebajada, Electrocumbia and more, new and unreleased stuff...ft. Lee Perry, Son del Barrio, Str8WH, Cedrik Congo Myton, El V y Sargento Garcia, Banana Sound Cartel and many more This is released by the mystic Movimentos Crew from London! Movimientos · Mix #35 ¡Cumbia Mi Amor! ANDRÉS DIGITAL Watch out for the Album "Sigue la Lucha" to be released soon on also in January we celebrating 10 Years of the Cumbia Round Up! 1 - Bam Bam - Andrés Digital 2 - Camino de la Vida (Andrés Digital Remix) - El V & the Gardenhouse ft. Sargento Garcia 3 - Get Up (Andres Digital Remix) - Cedrik Myton + Loyal Bass 4 - Malcolm X (Andrés Digital Remix) - Winston McAnuff 5 - This World - Andrés Digital ft. Str8 WH 6 - Enamorado de la Cumbia (Andrés Digital Rebajada) - Octaviano Arrieta & Angel Arauza 7 - Sabor - Andres Digital 8 - Sigue la Lucha - Andrés Digital 9 - Disco Devil (Andrés Digital Remix)
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Felizidades Cassette Blog

Felizidades Cassette Blog - 10 años de pura locura - Andrés Digital inna Reggae Cumbia Style con Lee Scratch Perry y su Disco Devil cumbianized. Exclusivo! Descarga libre Compilación Completo (59 Tracks) Cassette Blog 10mo aniversario by Va

He visto el Futuro EP on Cassette Exclusivos

New release on Cassette Exclusivos - free Download! "He visto el Futuro" is a 5 Track EP with 3 Mash Ups on Digital Beatz and 2 Remixes. Check the original Release-Post writen by Pablo Borchi on Cassette Blog, this is including a little history into Global Bass. Spanish only. You will find the Downloadlinks at the end of the Article. Post on Tropical Bass Soundcloud Tropical Bass 3 · He visto el futuro EP Bandcamp He visto el futuro EP by Andrés Digital

Bienvenidos al Barrio Tropical - Mixtape Vol.1

Barrio Tropical is a new Projekt to bring Latin Urban Music, played by Djs and Bands, to various Stages of the Rhein-Main Region. If there will be dance again!! Barrio Tropical is Ayahuasca DJ and Andrés Digital. This is a Back-to-Back Set recorded live. 1 - Cumbia Sobre el Mar (El Buho Remix) - Quantic & Nickodemus 2 - Big Things ft. Longfingah (revisited) - Maxiroots 3 - La Revolución (Cumbia Adubada) - Alborosie 4 - Pulp Cumbia - Philthy Dronez 5 - Bogotá - La Payara 6 - Deseos (Rafael Aragon Rmx) - Panama Cardoon & Audry Funk 7 - Hattie (Shrumate Edit) - Umalali & The Garifuna Collective 8 - Hold The Line (Frikstailers Remix) - Major Lazer 9 - Buscandote - Supersan 10 - Elegante - Sidi Wacho 11 - Miss Fatty (Thornato Remix) - Million Stylez 12 - Loving Machine (Cocotaxi Remix) - SK Simeon 13 - Mi Pana (Atropolis Remix) - Mateo Kingman 14 - Supacat Police (Moqee Rmx) - Feral 15 - Macaco (Jeremy Sole Remix) - Novalima 16 - Turn the Lights Off (Andrés Digital Remix) - Schl

Viene nueva musica - New music is coming

Watch out for the 5 Track Mash Up EP He visto el Futuro soon on Cassette Exclusivos ft. Cumbia Cosmonauts y Fela Kuti, Elvis Presley, Lady Saw and many more ... and the 9 Track Album Sigue la Lucha con invitados desde Kingston Str8 WH, desde BsAs Kami Kama y desde Roma Quetzalcoatl on Tropical Bass. Also we are working on a Release of a 2 Track EP with Remixes of the legendary singer of The Congos Cedric Myton and Loyal Bass soon on Tropical Bass. Boom!