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O.S.D.B. ft. Andrés Digital - Tropical Gueto Remix

Tropical Gueto is the first Album by O.S.D.B. aka. Original Son del Barrio from Monterrey, Mexico. The Album is released Digital and on fine yellow Vinyl and contains a hot mixtur from Digital Cumbia and Latin Rap to Reggae and Tropical Bass. Here we go for the Remix Album, which comes with 11 Remixes by 10 fabulous Remixers which brings even more colors to the Sound of the Barrio. Released on Hawaii Bonsai Records. We are really lucky to get this big crew of producers on the track. Starting in CDMX with a real Master of the Downbeats Dvniel over to beautiful Sevilla (Spain), the man formerly know as Pachanguito now listening to the name Peter del Rio. Next one by Nat Barrera crossed a lot of Borders easily, from Argentina to Canada over to Mexico and Germany. A real veteran of the Space Cumbia Sound comes from Mexico City, mighty Asagi Saundo y su Cumbia Exterrestre. From Switzerland comes Maldito Final Feliz with an explosiv Electro-Merengue Remix over to the mythic and fluid DNB Sou
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O.S.D.B. ft. Andrés Digital - Tropical Gueto - Albumrelease

Original Son del Barrio, from Monterrey; presenting their first album Tropical Gueto. A trip through different neighbourhoods, with a collection of sounds ranging from Digital Cumbia and Hip-hop to Reggae and Tropical bass. Created as a collaboration between Mexico and Germany (featuring founding member and singer Angel Perez, and Dj and producer Andres Digital), this tropical experiment begins with a series of concerts in Rome, Amsterdam and Paris. Plans are laid for the co-production of Tropical Gueto in said tour; and the resulting efforts saw the participation of Indepe Roots, Bianca Ciocca, Moska Hernandez, Joyce Musicolor and Feo Feo Records; as well as Gran Om, on art duties. Tropical Gueto sets the bar high for Digital Cumbia, setting a clear benchmark for the genre. Angel Perez (aka Son del Barrio) lends his voice to the streets and the “barrio” culture of Monterrey, in the expressive language of his own lyrics and compositions; through the sensitivity and technical ingenuity

Sigue la Guaracha

Release - Andrés Digital - Sigue la Guaracha Remix Album At the beginning of this year we released the Album Sigue la Lucha and now we present Sigue la Guaracha – the Art of Remix – with Tunes from the Albums Sigue la Lucha, Guaracha Tropical and the Cumbialandia EP remixed by some heavyweight Cumberos. As the Nu Cumbia Movement is an international Movement, we’re bringing together Producers and Singers from all around the Planet. Artists like Son del Barrio, Str8 WH and Quetzalcoatl getting remixed by Señor Gaviria, Solo Moderna, Diezmo, Qechuaboi, Sigsonbia, Maldito Final Feliz, Birth Defects and Akilin. Release Date April 2021 Sigue la Guaracha is available for Download – Bandcamp – Amazon Sigue la Guaracha is available for Streaming – Spotify – Deezer – Apple – Amazon – Soundcloud Check the Trailer

Sigue la Lucha Videos & Trailer

Sigue la Lucha Trailer Mientras tanto en Warschau, Poland - Dancebook Warszawa  

Release - Andrés Digital - Sigue la Lucha (Album)

We are very happy to release the new 9 Track Album by Andrés Digital - Sigue la Lucha -   La Cumbia es un estilo muy versátil y abierto para mezclarse con otros géneros urbanos. Tienes aquí sintetizadores del los Rave de los 90s, profundas líneas del Bajo 808, el ritmo percusivo de la Cumbia, el espíritu del Reggae y la locura de los Luchadores. Esto es acción de alto vuelo! Check the original Release Post on Tropical Bass Andrés Digital · Sigue La Lucha Sigue la Lucha by Andrés Digital